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The aim of the C3S Group is simple: it is to protect people in the workplace and public buildings by providing products and systems which make those environments safe and secure against a wide range of threats both accidental and deliberate.

The acronym, C3S, reflects the Group’s purpose, namely, “Corporate Safety and Security Systems”. We only work in the corporate and public sectors.

The group consists of four divisions, C3S Projects, C3S Securiglass, C3S Security Systems; the C3S Group is represented in the Asia/Pacific region through an associate company, C3S Far East Ltd.

C3S Projects is the manufacturing and installation arm of the Group comprising three strategic business units namely Security and Shopfitting, Glazing Systems and Modular Buildings.

The Security and Shopfitting division provides products which are designed for the protection of lives and the vast range of products available include rising screens, security doors, secure ticket offices and cash counters, locking systems and physical security systems to name but a few.

The Glazing Systems division supplies fire resistant glass and frames, including glazed fire screens, anti bandit, blast resistant and physical/ballistic resistant glass that are available in both timber and steel framing systems.

The Modular Buildings division provides a selection of timber framed buildings to be used for a variety of purposes. We supply bespoke units to the disabled and travellers markets, relocatable extension units and modular adaptations. We offer both on-site and off-site construction dependent upon the clients’ requirements.

C3S Securiglass is a leader in the supply (only) of safety and security glass, ballistic, fire and blast resistant glass and smoke control glazed systems, Smokestream. Specialising in this field, C3S Securiglass provides the highest service level in terms of delivery and commercial and technical support

C3S Security Systems provides the after-sales support to the active security systems the Group installs, ensuring that the products operate as required throughout their operating life.

C3S Far East represents the C3S Group in the Asia/Pacific region across its range of activities. Its main activity is the supply of cut-sizes of fire resistant glasses, providing the same high service level that C3S Securiglass does in the United Kingdom. The company also promotes the complete range of Group activities in the region, particularly its fire resistant and security glazing systems.